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Great River Road Interpretive Center 

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The Tourist Information Center for Quincy, Illinois is located in the beautiful Villa Kathrine, which is a unique example of Mediterranean-style architecture.  Built as a home in 1900 on the bluff overlooking the famous Mississippi River, it is on the National Register of Historic Places, Illinois Register of Historic Places, and Quincy Local Landmarks.

Built for Quincy native & world traveler W. George Metz, and based on his sketches of villas in various parts of the Islamic world, the Villa was built and trimmed with local materials.  George Behrensmeyer was the architect. 

The exterior is modeled after the Villa ben Ahben in Morocco, and the interior has a number of interesting features, including a courtyard with an overlooking balcony surrounding a marble mosaic reflecting pool.  A replica of the Mosque of Thais in Tunisia surmounts the main tower with waving stripes as decoration covered by a dome. 

It is open for Individual and Group Educational Tours, and the building and grounds are available to rent (click on events tab). 

Restored and maintained by Friends of the Castle, they operate it year round with Volunteer Hosts, and cordially invite you to stop in and visit.

Check out the aerial view video of Villa Kathrinehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsimS_cb1yU&feature=player_detailpage 

Check out the Quincy Convention & Visitors Bureau Websitehttp://www.seequincy.com/ 


Check out the Great River Road Website:  http://mrpcmembers.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=37f54c0a06a0088727a994452&id=f16a3a8772&e=fab69f83cf,


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